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Revista PUSHSTART is a 100% digital, monthly, Portuguese and free videogame and audiovisual culture magazine. From articles and reviews both retro and modern, we have as mission to establish a connection between several videogame player generations, encouraging a healthy and dynamic dialog. We also aim to establish ourselves as a reliable source for a game and audiovisual cultures loving public. As such, PUSHSTART is published on a digital format of easy digest, in order to reach a vast and heterogeneous public. Composed by several editors who watched the videogames boom in Portugal, PUSHSTART devotes special attention to retro gaming content. In this way, we encourage the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit of our readers, through tutorials about hardware restoration (retro/modern) and upgrades and even robotics.



Our philosophy involves the production of contents unbiased and free from any pressure. We privilege the critical remarks, in order to make our reviews as representative as possible. Despite the strictness, we do not abdicate informality and good humor, as we believe it is the most effective way to communicate with our audience. Our exemption does not prevent us, however, be open to partnerships and collaborations, so these are currently underway with some entities, expecting us to extend and multiply in the future.



PUSHSTART is a free publication, by which emphasizes autonomy, both in content production, and in the management of its editors. Comprised of collaborators from different areas, different professional backgrounds and generations – and aware of its role as a mediator – PUSHSTART still values ​​freedom of expression and tolerance for plurality and diversity of views. Thus, we aspire to create a reliable magazine, of easy consultation and accessible to dialog with our readers.



The PUSHSTART team is always available for their readers, encouraging the sharing of ideas and open discussion about the culture of video games and beyond.

For any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism please use the following contacts:

E-mail: info@revistapushstart.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pushstartrevista
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Revistapushstart/

In order to contact us about possible partnerships, game reviews or advertising, please do so directly to info@revistapushstart.com.